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"Travel. Your money will return. Your time won't." -Unknown

I firmly believe that no matter whether you’re flying solo or coupled up, you should travel alone at least once in your life. I have found these endeavors to be some of the most profound, rewarding, and if I might add – oddly social – experiences. I could continue to rave about the benefits of traveling alone, but perhaps I'll just show you by way of my own experience.

Podcast 'I Could Go On'

Episode 10: Julie Krause - Traveling Solo

See how I got into traveling solo, what I believe the benefits to be, and what actually happens at a dark dinner when you're alone.

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Are you a history lover? 
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From culinary expeditions to adventures in our National Parks, road trips to Rome, I can help you plan your escape.

One of My Itineraries

Barcelona, Spain - August 2019

9:00 AM


Check in to Hotel Catalonia Born:

Rec Comtal, 16-18, Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, 08003, Spain

Freshen up and head to Boqueria Market Barcelona for lunch. (Lunch was amazing and consisted of sangria, padrón peppers, and gazpacho!)

9:00 PM

DINNER (Quillo Bar - Tapas, Rumba y Flamenco)

Dinner is not taken much before this time in Spain! Which was okay, because it was my birthday, and the hotel sent up a bottle of cava for me to enjoy. I got a recommendation from the concierge for a local place around the corner, and enjoyed a nice glass of red wine and some fine Iberico ham for dinner. That, and conversation with an ex-pat sitting next to me who befriended me!

2:00 PM


Meet at Jaume I Metro Exit for Sandeman's Free Walking Tour (don't let the 'free' scare you - these are some of the best activities I've done, particularly in Europe - and it's great to do them early on so you can get tips from your guide & go back to points of interest). 
Explore Gothic Quarter post-tour!

11:00 PM


As mentioned, I flew into Spain on my birthday. Soul music is my favorite, and I just so happened to find a band, VIRGINIA AND THE WOOLFS, playing this genre at a local club. Did I know anything about the club or the band? No. Did I go alone? Yes. Was it one of the most fun nights of my life? Yes. The highlight being a dance party with myself and a bunch of strangers towards the end of the set.


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